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The Hip Tilt

Lying on your back with your feet on the mat and your knees up, flatten your belly down toward the floor as you exhale. Flatten your lower back against the floor.

As you inhale, let your belly expand and let your lower back arch up from the floor.

Breathe in and out at your own pace, letting your hips rock back and forth with the movement of your breathing.

The hip tilt helps to increase strength, flexibility, and awareness in the core of your body.

This is a good place to practice being aware of your breathing. As you inhale, feel your whole torso expanding and your backbone arching up off the floor. As you exhale, flatten your back against the floor and squeeze all your air out, making your whole torso smaller.

Repeat at many times.

Please be careful. Let your body be the boss of your yoga. A good stretch should feel good--avoid anything that causes sharp pain. When you feel comfortable in a pose, push yourself a bit until you feel challenged.
These lessons are free. Use them cautiously and at your own risk.

You can do these yoga/pilates poses in any order you want, or just click on the "Next" button (above) to get the recommended sequence.

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