YOGA CLASS--Go At Your Own Pace

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Slowly come to standing. Sit back down if you feel light-headed; when you are ready, stand up.
  1. Stand on your toes and reach upward. Stretch and breathe. Flex and tighten all your fingers 10 times.
  2. Rock back on your heels and balance.
  3. Do the hula; with your arms relaxed or to the side:
    • Tilt your hips back and forth as in the Pelvic Tilt.
    • Tilt side to side, bringing one hip up toward your rib cage while the other drops toward the floor. Minimize your upper body movement�isolate the movement in your hips.
    • Twist your hips parallel to the floor (�like we did last summer,� that is, do The Twist).
    • Rotate your hips like a hula dancer, one way and then the other.
  4. Balance: Stand up straight, off your mat, next to something you can hold onto if necessary. Hold one foot in your hand while reaching the other hand upward. Balance on one foot for one minute. Repeat on other foot.
Please be careful. Let your body be the boss of your yoga. A good stretch should feel good--avoid anything that causes sharp pain. When you feel comfortable in a pose, push yourself a bit until you feel challenged.
These lessons are free. Use them cautiously and at your own risk.

You can do these yoga/pilates poses in any order you want, or just click on the "Next" button (above) to get the recommended sequence.

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