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Shoulders & Neck

  • Sitting up straight, chest lifting, lean your ear toward your shoulder. Maximize the distance between your ear and your shoulder, pulling your shoulder away from your ear. Move your nose a little bit to change exactly where your stretch is, finding your best stretch by observing how your neck feels as you make subtle adjustments. A good stretch is beyond comfortable; reach for a deep sensation of stretching. Make sure you are breathing.

    Slowly and carefully, stopping if you feel an ouch, pull the top of your head toward your thigh, while pulling your shoulder blade down. Then bring your head back up.

    Repeat on your other side, breathing and being conscious of the sensations in your neck.

  • Repeat that sequence, but this time bring your nose toward your shoulder.
  • Circle your shoulders up and forward. Then circle them up and back. Keep going for a while, breathing.
  • Pull your shoulder blades toward each other, as though you were holding a can between your shoulder blades. Then pull the corners of your shoulders toward each other in the front. Repeat, ending with the squeeze in back.
  • Sitting up straight, clasp your hands behind your back and lift them, finding your best stretch. Then clasp in front and lift high.
  • Do a free-form wiggle of your head and neck, listening and breathing.
Please be careful. Let your body be the boss of your yoga.
A good stretch should feel good--avoid anything that causes sharp pain.
When you feel comfortable in a pose, push yourself a bit until you feel challenged.
These lessons are free. Use them cautiously and at your own risk.

You can do these yoga/pilates poses in any order you want, or just click on the "Next" link (above) to get the recommended sequence.

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