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Lie on your back with your knees up. As you exhale, lift your hips toward the ceiling, as high as you can without hurting yourself.

Stay in that position and breathe. Then slowly lower, rolling down your spine from the top, like gently laying down a string of pearls.

Bring your knees toward your chest and hug them.

Repeat the Bridge sequence several times.

This exercise is great for increasing strength, flexibility, and awareness in your core. Physical therapists prescribe it to help prevent backaches.

Optional Challenge: Keeping your core stable, while your hips are raised, kick one leg at a time toward the ceiling.

Please be careful. Let your body be the boss of your yoga.
A good stretch should feel good--avoid anything that causes sharp pain.
When you feel comfortable in a pose, push yourself a bit until you feel challenged.
These lessons are free. Use them cautiously and at your own risk.

You can do these yoga/pilates poses in any order you want, or just click on the "Next" link (above) to get the recommended sequence.

Intro Hip Tilt Bridge Knees2Chest Shoulders
Crocodile Twist Leg Stretches Alphabet Shoulder Press Criss-Cross
Roll-Up Rolling Like a Ball Cross-Legged Stretch Arm and Side Plank
Cobra Cat Dog Child Spinal Twist
Standing Sun Salute Sun Salute Summary Meditation Review, Links, & Credits

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