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Pam's Yoga Fitness Homework

Here are some free samples of the homework I give in Pam's Yoga Fitness class.
  • Listen to your footsteps.

  • Practice the Sun Salutation

  • When driving around a curve, notice how the pressure changes in the seat of your pants.

  • Notice the sound of your chewing.

  • Practice letting your torso expand as you inhale, and squeeze when you exhale.

  • Breathing naturally, lying down or sitting without slumping, watch your breath--feel and hear it. Try to notice many breaths in a row.

  • Go outside and watch the trees move.

  • Go for a walk.

  • Break a sweat six times week; exercise beyond exhaustion (first get your doctor's OK).

  • Breathe though your nose, awake or asleep.

  • First thing in the morning, drink a whole glass of water, and then go outside for at least a few minutes.

  • Notice where you feel pressure because of gravity.

--by Pam Walatka