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Peace of Mind List

By Pam Walatka

  1. Welcome the unexpected. Just because you didn't plan it doesn't mean it isn't good. Waiting is a chance to rest.

  2. Focus on the moment. To learn how to focus, practice meditation. Notice the details changing.

  3. Don't spend money before you have it.

  4. Walk, stretch, and work out for health. Exercise feels good.

  5. Drink water and eat fruit. Not exclusively, but a lot.

  6. Get more sleep. Eight hours of sleep will make you smarter, safer, nicer, and better looking.

  7. Be honest, loyal, faithful, and kind. This should keep you out of trouble.

  8. Do less. Do fewer things, with more time in between them. Just say no to opportunity. Limit non-routine events to one or none per day.

  9. Breathe deeply. And often.

  10. Everyday, go outside and play.

  11. Appreciate being alive. Life is the greatest accomplishment in the universe.

  12. Even though life is usually difficult and often disappointing, and people rarely do what you want them to do, make an effort to notice the beauty of the world.