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Easy Parking

How to Find the Best Parking Space

In almost every parking lot, there is a parking place that is easy to find and beneficial to your health.

To find the best parking place, go to the area of the lot that is farthest away from your destination.

The farthest parking space is usually open. You can drive right to it, without the stress of driving around and around looking for a closer space. After you find this easy space, you can get out and stroll to your destination. Oh, I am sorry; are you in a hurry? Then get out your appointment book and cross off something you were going to do today.

And realize you probably will reach your destination before the drivers who are circling, looking for a closer spot.

Whether you sprint or stroll, you will have given your legs a chance to move, and your lungs a chance to breathe. Your back will have had a chance to experience freedom of movement. Even a small amount of exercise is better than sitting in a car. Here are the benefits you can get by finding the farthest parking space:

  • Better blood circulation in your legs, back, and lungs.
  • A few calories burned. Better some than none.
  • A chance to see the sky.
  • A moment to relax. It could not hurt.
  • A taste of the enjoyment and amazement of being alive.
If the weather is nice, and you walk quite slowly, and the ground holds you up, and both of your legs work, perhaps you will know what a privilege it is to walk on earth.