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Sleepy Meditation for Insomnia

The world's oldest slowest cure for insomnia

© Pam Walatka

Thousands of years ago, some people discovered that the practice of focusing the mind can calm the mind. The practice of focusing the mind is called meditation.

One problem that meditators have is that they fall asleep during meditation. Why not use that?

You can use meditation to help you fall asleep.

The only problem is that meditation is no quick-fix, it takes practice to master meditation. But you can get a taste of it the first time you try. Then practice .

To practice sleepy meditation, you lie in bed and count your breaths. Practice keeping your mind focused on your breaths. Your mind will wander off. Bring it back.

Work towards being able to count your breaths from one to 100. Then count backwards from 100 to zero. Then just lie there and notice your breathing without counting.

Good night. Sweet dreams.