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Alternate Nostril Breathing

  1. Cover one nostril with your thumb. Inhale through the other nostril.
    With your right elbow raised, close your right nostril with your right thumb. Inhale deeply through your left nostril.
  2. Pause. Change sides.
    Hold your breath for a moment, as you move your thumb away from your right nostril. Use your third and fourth fingers to close your left nostril.
  3. Exhale completely though your right nostril.
  4. Inhale completely though your right nostril.
  5. Pause. Change sides.
  6. Continue the pattern for five breaths or more.

    Inhale. Switch. Exhale.

Modification: if the hand position seems not right for you, just use a knuckle. Close one nostril with a knuckle, inhale, switch your knuckle to the other side, exhale.

By Pam Walatka

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