3 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation

by Pam Walatka

The basic idea of mindfulness meditation is to pay attention to the moment, to be aware of current happenings.

  1. Get yourself in a position to meditate
    Sit comfortably with your back very straight. Pull your shoulder blades down your back and lift your chest, to facilitate easy full breathing. Alternately, you can lie down, or meditate while walking slowly.
  2. Focus your mind on some ongoing sensation
    For example, pay attention to the movement of your breathing. Focus your attention on your breath without forcing a change in your breathing. Your mind will wander away. Fine. Keep bringing it back to the present moment. This moment, this place.
  3. Practice, practice, practice
    Most people are good at meditating for a few seconds, but then the mind wanders to other places and times. The more you practice, the better you get at being here now.

The more time you spend practicing mindfulness meditation, the more moments you have in your life. In a busy life, many moments fly by without being noticed. The moments that you notice are the moments that you experience.

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