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Two adjacent beach houses in Nicaragua for rent.

On the beach in a remote fishing village. Beautiful. Excellent big wave surfing directly in front of the house. Rate for 2-bedroom: $55/night 1-bedroom: $45/night .

Pretty good rates for beach front houses. More info...

A Place For Human Beings

Hippie philosophy. What were the hippies thinking? This book shows you with hundreds of color drawings and philosophy bits. Captures the innocence, insouciance, and inevitability of hippies from 1968 to 1978.

Non-linear, outrageous, colorful.

The most authentic hippie book ever published. Parts of it are still relevant.

A Place For Human Beings was the #1 bestseller at Esalen for three years.

Over 7,000 copies sold. The first edition, 1974, had a plain blue perfect-bound paper cover and a black-on-white dust jacket. The second edition, 1978, had a white-on-blue perfect-bound paper cover. Both editions are sold out, but used and collectible copies are available:
both editions

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