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Artist Statement

This is my current project; it is a 1971 Honda N600 (the first Honda car in the US). I have added a sun roof and am adding maple and mahogany wood side trim.
1971 Honda

The Honda side panels in progress

Here are some photos of the 1941 Packard Town Car that I built out of a very rough limo. The engine is moved back 22 inches, and all body parts were newly fabricated or modified . My job was to shape the car. It was sent to another shop where they will add door skins, form the fenders and trunk, and finish the car.
1941 Packard

1941 donner car body

1941 donner car body

The 1926 Packard is all hand made and has a 2005 Viper V10.
1926 Packard 1
1926 Packard 2

The 1939 Ford is totally reshaped, the top of the trunk is moved forward 17 inches and all sheet metal has been modified.
1939 Ford 001
1939 Ford 002
1939 Ford 003

The 1928 was a boring short wheelbase touring car; it is now a dual cowl sports touring car.

The 1929 was a hand built race car that disappeared in the 30's. I built this car from photos of the original and it is all hand made.

dual cowell 001
dual cowell 003
boatail 002
boatail 003

The silver GT and the woodie wagon started as identical 4 door sedans.

My job was to take four-door sedans and make them into cars that the Packard Car Co. talked about building but never actually built. These include the yellow convertible, the silver GT, and the woodie wagon.
GT 001a
GT 001b
GT 002
GT 003
woodie 003
woodie 001
woodie 002
convertible 001

Dolphin 001
Dolphin 002
Dolphin 003
Dolphin 004


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